Brief Curriculum

I’m  a consultant on business and finance, besides of columnist and entrepreneur.

As a business leader, I’m convinced that success is also based on helping others to win, and therefore I’ve always been willing to put my managerial and leadership skills, as well as my team building abilities, in order to support people and organizations that commit to be successful and thus generating change and welfare for our society.

I hold a Bacherlo’s degree on Business Administration, with major in Management from Universidad Metropolitana - UNIMET- (1994), and also two postgraduate Specialization degrees (Equivalente to a US Master’s Degree): the first one in Entrepreneurial Economics from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello - UCAB – (2012) and the second one in International Business from UNIMET (2015). In addition, I hold a Master’s in Economics Sciences as well from UCAB (2016).

I believe in the role of companies as a welfare agent of society, and that idea has lead me to participate actively in different non-profit organizations, presiding them or as a member of its board of directors.

That same mindset has driven me to participate in several business chambers whose activities transcend the national level. In 2001 I was the director of the Venezuelan-Columbian Chamber for Economic Integration (CAVECOL). In 2011 I joined to the Venezuelan-Peruvian Chamber for Industry and Trading. I was also president of the Economics and Finance Commission of FEDECAMARAS, Venezuela’s most important business organization.

In 1995 I started as a columnist for Economía Hoy newspaper, and since 2009 begun writing articles for the newspaper El Mundo Economía y Negocios, and America Economía magazine. Since 2015, I collaborate to the publication of Competencia Gerencial magazine.

All these occupations and experiences lead me to found FINANTOP, a firm oriented entrepreneurial and financial promotion and PROFASA, a commercialization and procurement companies, both with activities in Venezuela and other companies of Latin America.